Cape Town New Year Carnival

Dance troupe Cape Town Carnival

Dancers stealing the show at the Cape Town Carnival

Every New Year the streets of Cape Town come alive with the Minstrel Carnival.  Over 50 minstrel troupes strut their stuff during the annual Kaapse Klopse Festival on the Tweede Nuwe Jaar, or Second New Year. Unlike other carnivals, this celebration is not linked to Lent, but traces back to South Africa’s history. January 2 used to be the only day that slaves were given off during the year.

Today it is a colorful parade of marching bands, dancers and choirs celebrating the freedom from slavery and ringing in the new year with fervour. Spectators can join in the fun along the parade route where you will be treated to a captivating show of dance, music and singing. The performers’ glamourous tracksuits accompanied by panama hats, bow-ties, headdresses and parasols complete the spectacle.

Celebrating the Kaapse Klopse Festival in Cape Town together with the Malay community will certainly ensure that you start the new year in high spirits!

(Click on any image and a gallery will open for better viewing.)

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